ImageJ Information (Plugins for PEEM, UView format reading)

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HOWTO make vector XMCD-PEEM images

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How to make individual and cropped PDF/EPS figures for a publication

I often use Libreoffice to make figures for publications (using the presentation mode, files *.odp). But I as prefer to use LaTeX for the text, in the end I have to convert them to PDF or EPS. There are several ways.

    1. Export each page to PDF from libreoffice. Then you can use pdfedit to crop them (set page metrics), if you do not like a full page.
    2. Export all of them to a single PDF
      • Crop each page:
        pdfcrop figures.pdf
      • Split the resulting file into individual PDF files:
        pdftk figures-crop.pdf burst output fig%d.pdf
      • Enjoy your fig1.pdf, fig2.pdf, etc files

Pdfcrop, pdftk and pdfedit are handy tools. In Ubuntu just do:

sudo apt-get install pdftk texlive-extra-utils pdfedit
      Other times I just use inkscape. Neat program, altough it takes some time to get used to it. If can export to both pdf or eps. But sometimes, it fails to export to eps, there is some text missing. And also sometimes
      will not do a good job converting the PDF file created by inkscape to EPS (some text will be done in bitmaps, ugly!). One possible way out is to export to png, and embed that into a eps file using