Técnicas espectroscópicas de análisis superficial

Introduction to surface analysis techniques, for a course in Santiago de Chile (Chile) , august 2015.

Chemical stability of thin nitride films

Studies by CEMS Here is the invited conference delivered by JF Marco at ICAME2007, Kanpur (India) in October, 2007


High Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Ti/TiCrN and Cr/TiCrN Bilayer Coatings

Poster presented at ECASIA2007, Brussels, September 2007


Poster ellaborated for the 75th anniversary of the Rockefeller bulding

The poster was ellaborated for the commemorative acts of the 75th anniversary of the Rockefeller bulding (where the Instituto Rocasolano is located) and summarizes some of the research lines of the group (text in Spanish)


Self-Assembly on surfaces: stress domains

This is the first part of a postgrad class on the self-assembly on surfaces. This day is devoted to the self-assembly due to a competition of short (attractive) and long range (repulsive) interactions. Examples are given and the application to stress domains is discussed. It is mostly in english (with some spanish viewgraphs).


Self-assembly on surfaces: misfit dislocations

This is the second part on the postgrad course on self-assembly on surfaces. Here we discuss the formation of misfit dislocations, the Frenkel-Kontorova model, different dislocation structures found on hexagonal substrates and the effect of growing or depositing additional material on the networks.


Introducción a la espectroscopía Mössbauer

A presentation with a brief introduction (in Spanish) to Mössbauer spectroscopy


Análisis de superficies mediante AES, XPS y CEMS

Some short notes (in Spanish) on surface analysis by AES, XPS and CEMS


Mössbauer investigations of corrosion processes occurring in iron-based materials under acidic aggressive conditions

Invited talk delivered by J.F. Marco at ISIAME 2008, Budapest, 22nd of August 2008


Mössbauer spectroscopy and surface analysis

Presentation delivered by J.F. Marco at Sandia National Labs (Livermore, CA) in March 2010


Corrosion studies by Fe-57 Mössbauer spectroscopy: from very thin layers to new materials

Invited talk delivered by J.F. Marco at the ACS Spring Meeting (San Francisco, CA, USA) in March 2010 Joint CMD-24, ECOSS-29, ECSCD-11, and CMMP-12


Importancia de tener un buen calibrado en espectroscopía Mössbauer

Presentation delivered by J.F. Marco in November 2020


Introducción al Sputtering de Magnetrón

Presentation delivered by E.M. Trapero in April 2021