Juan de la Figuera

Juan de la Figuera

A brief summary of my research career

  • My publication list
  • H-index of 30 (WOS)
  • 5 Invited Book Chapters
  • Over 120 Publications in Internationally Referred Journals (more than 2400 citations according to the Science Citation Index- excluding autocitations) including Science (1), Nature (1), Phys. Rev. Lett. (8), Phys. Rev. B (9), New J. Phys (5), Surf. Sci (17) and others (over 22 as first authors, over 33 as last author).
  • Over 60 Invited Lectures
  • Over 110 Contributed Presentations at International Conferences and Symposia
  • 8 research grants as Principal Investigator
    • B.S. - Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 1990, Top 10% (3.07 out of 3.5)
  • Ph.D. - Physics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 1995 "Growth of Co on Cu(111): Morphology, Structure and Dynamics in Thin Films"Apto Cum Laude (unanimity)
  • Awards:
    • Fulbright Fellow (FUL97 2608966) (1997 - 1999)
    • Award to the best PhD Thesis, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (1995).
    • Research Fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Education (1988-1992)
    • Fellowship from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) (1987 - 1988)
  • Employment
    • (2016-now) Senior researcher, Instituto de Quimica Fisica "Rocasolano"
    • (2013-2017) Director of the Instituto de Quimica Fisica "Rocasolano"
    • (2007-2011) Tenured researcher, Instituto de Quimica Fisica "Rocasolano"
    • (2006-2007) Associate Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
    • (2002-2005) Assistant Professor "Ramon y Cajal", Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
    • (2001-2002) Limited Term Employee, Sandia National Laboratories
    • (1999-2000) Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
    • (1997-1999) Fulbright Fellow for Postdoctoral Studies
    • (1996-1997) Lecturer, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    • (1995-1996) Lecturer, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
  • I have also been involved in the spanish equivalent of the AAAS, the AACTE (Association for the advancement of science and technology in Spain).
  • There has been a proliferation of research IDs which show your publications. Mine include:
  • You can also find me at Google+Linkedin, or at Researchgate

Well, this will always be outdated. I have to find time to put more stuff here, but my fiancé (Elizabeth) tends to have other (better) ideas to spend my time. Also my (big black) dog and my cat like to have some attention, as well as my son Daniel, my daughter Ines and my stepdaugher Julieta. But to give you some hints, I like to:

  • To visit friends or have friend visit. Some of them are in the USA, so it is not so straightforward. One upon the time I spent many summers in California. I still miss it.

  • To fool around with Gnu/Linux (towards world domination!) and computers. Now, with Android on most phones, this sounds like "mission acomplished". But linux on the desktop is, say, still a hit and miss. Now Ubuntu has made it much simpler though.  Microsoft is really helping by not supporting older hardware.

  • I used to like FPS like Quake II and III (of course under Linux), to have friendly discussions with my friends, but my fingers hurt too much. So I have moved to consoles (ps3 and then ps4). Lets face it, a console is cheaper than a PC for running games. Sad they are useless for anything else... Heard of "Uncharted"? Who wants to watch Indiana Jones when you can be Indiana?. Mostly open arena games, a lot of sci-fi ones. Say Mass Effect, Fallout.
  • Walk around the countryside, with or without a dog. I really really prefer to let the dog walk without a lease (after having two ribs broken because he saw a bunny and tried to run after her), but many people do not understand that the countryside is full of animals. Not only dogs. Oh, well.

  • Science fiction, history books, some about politics, both on paper (sorry, e-ink) and movies. On paper, really liked Iain Banks and Karl Schroeder.

 ImageJ Information (Plugins for PEEM, UView format reading)

The information has been moved to the Instruments->Manuals&HOWTOs section here.


HOWTO make vector XMCD-PEEM images

The information is now also in the Instruments->Manuals&HOWTOs section here.


How to make individual and cropped PDF/EPS figures for a publication

I often use Libreoffice to make figures for publications (using the presentation mode, files *.odp). But I as prefer to use LaTeX for the text, in the end I have to convert them to PDF or EPS. There are several ways.

PhD Thesis (1995): "Crecimiento de Co en Cu(111): morfología, estructura y dinámica en películas delgadas".


Supervised PhD thesis