Multipurpose growth and characterization system

2012-10-31 09.54.23 It consists of an horizontal UHV chamber with fast-entry loadlock with a UHV VT-STM and a XPS system, together with a LEED diffractometer and an 2-axis LN2-cooled manipulator. Both the STM and the chamber itself have been home-designed and built (most of the pieces, including the chamber, where made at SEGAINVEX, the UAM machine shop, with the most recent pieces being made at our Institute machine shop).


The main items of this system are:

  • A last-generation Phoibos 150 electron analyzer with 9 channeltrons. We have a regular dual-gun X-ray excitation source. 

2012-10-31 09.54.39 

  • A sub-500nm resolution Staib electron gun. It can be used for scanning electron microscopy with the aid of a secondary electron detector and (together with the Phoibos analyzer) scanning auger microscopy.
  •  IMG 1034 MRS 0.5kV 10MAG-X1 MRS 12kV 10MAG-X1 5.2cond
  • A 4-grid low energy electron diffractometer (LEED).

    • A LN2 cooled manipulator with 2-axis (LEED and XPS position). The mechanism is shown in the CAD movie and in real life:

      esquema montaje IMG 20120330 144947

    • A micro-focus differentially pumped ion gun for depth profiling and/or ion scattering spectroscopy.
    • A home made and built variable temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope. The design is described in Bogdan Diaconescu, Georgi Nenchev, Juan de la Figuera, Karsten Pohl, "An ultrahigh vacuum fast-scanning and variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope for large scale imaging", Rev. Sci. Inst. 78 103701 (2007). The microscope has been built by Benito Santos.
    • A mass spectrometer.
    • Several metal dosers, two of them with fast-entry systems.
    • An in-situ Mössbauer spectrometer. 

    As an example of the capabilities of the system, we show XPS, STM and LEED data acquired from FeO films on Ru(0001):